Why Green Your Meeting

Aquilus international believes in green eventing to reduce the direct environmental impact of it, leaving a positive and lasting legacy towards community and coming generations. We see a number of opportunities and benefits can be identified, for our sponcers and exhibitors, our participants, service providers and for the venue region also.

Our planning towards a green meeting

Sustainable development being a primary agenda, certain features are being planned to support towards green events eventually resulting in cost savings, positive reputation of an event, environmental innovations, awareness raising programs, social benefits and following best practices within the organization. The features listed to achieve in the process were:

  • Inserting sustainability into the employee's responsibilities
  • Initiatives should be documented at every step
  • Educating supply chain system towards sustainability
  • Using e-brochure is an eco-friendly idea
  • Knowledge sharing on sustainability in websites
  • Including sustainability supporting agencies and documented
  • Reducing water use or applying reuse
  • Expressing discounts for sustainability
  • Increasing sustainability awareness in attendees
  • Awareness and knowledge sharing should be recorded
  • Sustainability procurement policy towards sustainability
  • Reducing paper use
  • Calculating carbon emission and recorded
  • Energy resources through renewable energy
  • Providing public transport to all attendees
  • Obtaining ISO – 20121 certification

About Aquilus International

Aquilus International promotes, support and facilitate the development of scientific research to understand and harness the potentiality of research innovations.

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